I offer gratitude to the initiating lineage of
Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Ethel Lombardi and Phyllis Furumoto
Linda Keiser Mardis
Penelope Jewell
These are the ones who paved the way for me, indeed, for many of us in this tradition. But why do I list and honor a lineage?

Gratitude. Without these Masters, I could not have found the exact road I did to this system.


Support. When I have a question that contemplation and practice does not answer, I can take it to my Teaching Master, Penelope Jewell. If necessary, she can take it to her Master, and so forth back as far as I have living Masters in my line. It means I always have access to Masters with many more years experience and mindful practice. And it means I can offer that support and collective experience to my students.


Depth of Training. While each Master continually grows into their own means of expressing this art, there is, in this lineage, a continuity of respect for the system and practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho as it was taught to us. It guides us to spend our time and focus on learning from the practice, year after year, instead of trying to decide how to tinker with it change it manipulate it.


Continuity. One day during my Master Apprenticeship, Penelope and I walked through the countryside near her home. It was a lovely day filled with questions (mine), answers and suggestions (hers), and silences in contemplation. Into that silence a deep gratitude grew for this woman who was walking with me, literally and symbolically, through my training for the rest of my life. In taking me on as a Master-Candidate, she had made a commitment to foster my growth in this art for as long as we both live. Now, every time we meet or talk or exchange questions (usually mine) and suggestions (usually hers) I am reminded of my good fortune. And I am grateful.




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