Learning Reiki

- by Oriethyia


Of the hundreds of thousands of people world-wide who see Reiki Practitioners as a routine part of their health and wellness care, some decide to take the next step and learn Reiki themselves to more fully support their own balance and well-being.
Although there are now a number of books on Reiki, you cannot learn Reiki from a book. It is taught through the oral tradition, Reiki Master to Reiki Student. The First Degree is taught in four three-hour sessions in which you learn the history of Reiki, the hand positions for self-healing, and the hand positions for working on others. At the end of each of the four sessions, the Teaching Master gifts each student with an "attunement". In these attunements, the student is re-opened to the ability to access and use the Reiki energy themselves. Classes are hands-on, with students practicing on themselves and one another. By the end of the four sessions, each student has given and received at least one full treatment. Most important, each student goes home with the ability to use this new skill to help in their own health and in the health of others. At the First Level, indeed at every level, one of the most important uses of Reiki is in daily self-treatment.
The Second Degree is available to the First Degree practitioner who wants to deepen their experience and commitment to using Reiki in their lives. The Second Degree class includes a deeper initiation and instruction in the conscious use of ancient symbols to increase the flow of energy in treatments, to reach the subconscious mind, and to be able to send energy to someone not present.
The Master Level is the Teaching Level of Reiki and the level at which you are able to access the full range of the Reiki energy. A Traditional Master in the Usui System of Reiki Healing is one who has been trained in the original traditions of Reiki (there are non-traditional branches) and whose personal and professional life is committed to this healing art.
One of the interesting things about being a Reiki Practitioner is that, since the energy moves through you to get to the client, every time you give a treatment, you get a treatment. So the more you work the energy, the more it works in you.
People often ask whether there are any prerequisites to learning Reiki at the First Level. In fact, the only requirement is an open mind and a desire to learn! Increasingly, members of the medical and health care communities are learning Reiki for use with their existing clients. Whether to use on others, or primarily for yourself, learning Reiki can become a life-long blessing and a marvelous investment in your own wellness.