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Learning Reiki

Oriethyia teaches First Degree Reiki Classes in 4 three hour sessions. Unless otherwise noted,classes are held in Albany, NY USA.
Create a Class for your friends or a group of your co-workers!

Class Structure

Section One

  • The Story of Reiki
  • The Importance of Self-Treatment
  • The First Attunement
  • The Self Treatment Positions /Practice

Section Two

  • The Head Positions 
  • The Second Attunement
  • Treatment Practice

Section Three

  • The Upper Torso Positions
  • The Third Attunement
  • Treatment Practice

Section Four

  • The Back Positions
  • The Fourth Attunement
  • Treatment Practice
  • Issues in practice
Students learn and then practice each series of Traditional Hand Positions. By the end of the class, everyone has both given and received a full treatment.


to the energy are accomplished in four ceremonial acts that the Reiki Master shares with the Student.

Additional topics include:

  • optimal treatment environments
  • working in less  than optimal environments
  • the ethics of hands-on healing

The next First Degree Reiki Class  

Classes are now scheduled as students indicate an interest. Minumum class size of 2. Contact to create your own class:

Pre-registration required. Please contact Oriethyia for more information.


Second Degree Classes
are available to First Degree Students who decide to deepen their work with the system. There is a minimum of 100 days between First Degree and Second Degree training and initiation during which the Student has time to incorporate the teachings at the First Degree Level. In that time, the Student must have both given and received a minimum of three full treatments. Additional suggested preparations available on request. Second Degree classes are made available as Students become ready. The next Second Level class will be scheduled soon.

Master Apprenticeships

The call to Mastery is one to be taken seriously. It involves a willingness to be an active guide in the development of one's students, one's clients and, especially, in one's own life. Information on training to become a Master is available upon request.

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